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Welcome to the website of Tim Garside / Garsaaidi, (Garsaaidi is the name I have released most of my cds under,) I am first a percussionist who has specialised in Arabic Drumming since 1985. Over time I have also learnt to play Nay, Arghul, Simsimiyya, Setar, Dulcimer, Citole and many more {See instruments}, My studies have encompassed a broad range of influences from all over the Middle East and beyond which define my playing. LED signs

My style has been shaped, developed and inspired by the bond between dance and rhythm, I have played for dancers almost as soon as I could play the rhythms and continue to do so as it is an eternally creative process.

I have worked in schools all over the country for over 17 years, teaching primarily Egyptian hand drumming; and in that time I have taught over 20,000 children through a variety of projects.

In addition, I teach adult workshops with various drumming themes as well as private lessons. {See education}

I have taught at RADA, SOAS, Trinity College of music and the Guildhall school of Music. My work has included Film, TV, Radio, theatre, sessions, tours, functions, weddings, Haflas and countless dance and educational workshops.

My style of playing has also lent itself to Early Music/Medieval Ensembles, principally Joglaresa, who I have worked with for over 17 years.


Iranian Daf

Sufi hand drum with jingles, when you play these the sound bounces right in your face there is no escape but to succumb to the rhythm.

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Egyptian hand drum, one of many I own, Cast aluminium with a plastic head, the old ones would have been ceramic with a fish skin stretched over the top, the size larger than this is a Sombati and the size larger than that is the bass Doholla.

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Iranian hand drum, I myself use many finger techniques on this as its warm sounding skin is very responsive, it is sometimes called a Zarb.

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Framed Drums

A selection of a few of my frame drums, you can never have enough frame drums, each one has its own character, some of these drums have a gut string stretched inside across the skin {almost like a snare drum}, these drums are from north Africa and produce a trance like buzzing sound.

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Frame drums with cymbals and bells including Italian Tamburellos and Riq (small Arabic tambourine), the tambourine is the most underestimated instrument in the world and in the right hands they can produce as much complexity as a drum kit.

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Iraqi Kishba

Small Iraqi hand drum, the head on these drums is only 8cm; they produce a deep cutting sound like a machine gun.

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Cajon, Udu and Kettle Drum

A few of the larger drums, Cajon is the box which you sit on and slap for different sounds, udu is the small clay pot using fingers and palms to create many sounds and the large Indian kettle drum sometimes called a Naqqara.

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Nay and Kawala

Egyptian reed flutes, Nays to the right Kawalas to the left, Kawalas have one less octave and no thumb hole at the back, you hold these flutes at an angle to the mouth and blow.

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Arghul and Mijwiz

A collection of Arghuls and Mijwiz from Egypt…Arghuls have a drone pipe , Mijwiz have two chanter pipes. They have two single reeds which work by blowing air over them and they vibrate, it is usually played using a circular breathing technique, creates a sound similar to a bagpipe. Like the Nays they have been around for a few thousand years.

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Home-Made Plastic Nays

Some of my homemade Nays, if you would like to buy one similar to these let me know. They usually have about two and bit octaves.

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Egyptian 5 string Simsimiyya

Egyptian Lyre, for these instruments you strum all the strings with a plectrum and dampen down the strings you don't want to hear. Often used by Bedouins in the desert as a social instrument.

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Egyptian large Simsimiyya

Large Egyptian Lyre 11 strings, this one is from Alexandria.

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Electric Simsimiyya

My own handywork, this is indeed electric and even has lights inside.

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Egyptian spike fiddle, made from horse hair coconut shell and luggage strap! The second string is made from metal. This one is from Luxor.

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Iranian Lute with four metal strings, often used as a solo instrument. Up until two hundred years ago it had three strings, it originated in Persia before the spread of Islam.

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Iranian Santoor

The santoor is an ancient Babylonian stringed musical instrument. It is a trapezoid shaped hammered dulcimer often made of walnut, with seventy strings. The special-shaped mallets (mezrab) are lightweight and are held between the index and middle fingers. A typical santoor has two sets of bridges, providing a range of three octaves.

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Dulcimer and Dulcimette

Appalachian Zithers, Sometimes called Mountain Dulcimer or a lap Dulcimer.. the Dulcimer is on the right .The Dulcimette is an octave higher and is on the left, A simple instrument which is so easy to get started on and progress. Sometimes plucked, sometimes strummed.

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Epinette des Vosges

French Zither, Epinette des Vosges, this has three drone strings and two chanter strings, the European predecessor of the Dulcimer

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12thC medieval Citole, a copy of a popular instrument from medieval times, it would have had gut strings but this one has nylon strings for ease of tuning.

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Finnish Zither seven strings, Finland's national instrument.

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Indian Harmonium

This is essentially a keyboard that works by bellows at the back. I have two, one of which I had adapted to play Arabic quarter tones. Basically the air passes over a metal reed which vibrates a certain pitch; to change that pitch you need to file off a small piece of the metal. I can then emulate the Egyptian quarter tone accordion.

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Keyboard and Bass

To add a bit of weight to my recordings I sometimes add a little of these basic instruments, always being mindful not to let them dominate the piece.

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List 1List 2List 3Tim J Garside CDSAbout My CDS


Eleven highly fuelled energy driven tracks all with a Baladi theme now.
> Eleven highly fuelled energy driven tracks all with a Baladi theme now. Edella Ya Rashida Taht Il Shibbak Ricotrib Baddi Shoufak Balead Al Trash Kouli Nubian Anthem Nostra Baladi Rahbani? Clubadi Edella Ya Rashida II

The Indifference of Possibilities Versus The Possibilities of Indifference

> A contemporary take on the classical Muwashahat form with poetry and interspersed with mindful pieces altogether makes this a unique collection of tunes. Dionysus Ya Sitta Ya Khityarah Saba Nibtidi Bayati Samai Rast Nubian Simsimiyya Baladi Nay Darwish Hijaz Kawala Nahawand Ya Citole Tamrihinna

Outer Dimensions

> The long Sufi piece dominates this collection the other tunes and improvisations just add to the experience that is Outer Dimensions. Akhud Habibi D'ana Yamma Affility Aswany Train to Upper Broken Sitar Desert Curse on a Future State Roots of Masnavi Longa Riyadh The Commanding Self Bejtullah

The Rise & Fool

> 12 tracks of pure dance inspired gems; some traditional, some home-grown, all dance floor killers, garunteed to get you moving. Ya Halawa Skanking Nay Funky Blip Raqs Gamal Arghul Ska SamKom Bina Soul Order Bashraf Simsimiyya Sweet Laina Darbuka Mix Platform Seven

Itis Asis

> A percussive explosion drawing influences from all over the middle east featuring warm sounding drums. Fallahi Seat 9 Over 6 Laha Ha 7 in 14 Maqsintazar Taraudu Cassa Stepanca Farafazah Random Rose Nyabonga Amucke Maqam Daf Sufi Swell

Lament of the Underworld

> Very folk inspired with the odd curve ball, lots of arghul, inc trance classical, Dance Dance Dance. Petit Arghul Taksim Intro Petit Arghul Wanda Wa Nos Lament of the Underworld Saba Nay Saba Grande Arghul Taksim Intro Grande Arghul Saaidi I Believe in Maqsoum Space Has Been Informed Open Hands Grande Arghul Wahda Wa Nos Yashdi el Alhan Eye in the Sky Petit Arghul Saaidi

The Delicate Trance of Amina Smith

> Trance inspired music and rhythm inviting you to get up, move and sway. Lebanardo Spiritual Crossroads Sub Equatic 11 Idiom Zaar Setari Ishtmek Dance Amina Dance AslemelsA

to the power of one

> An earthy folk and Baladi theme based CD with some suprises along the way, perfect for dance. Malfuf Marshaal Baladi Nay Rabab One Arghul Tanz El Ameh An-dulcian Baladi Mashaal Persian Mashaal Rabab Two Baladi Baladi Baladi Drums Silk Route Sam-Buka

Desert Maze

> A collection of folk, Baladi, contemporary, Nubian and lively pieces. A mood for everyone to dance or listen to. Ma alli wi oultilu New wedding song Lost in Sinai Kaft Nubian Banderi Sufi Arghul Shaabi Samra Ya Samra Setar Nubian Nahawand suite

Dance Doulab

> A great follow up to the now popular 'new sounds of the old pharonic', very dancable with plenty of inspiring ideas for movement Doulab Nahawand Rast Fallahi Classical Khlas Yaffaubia Tarameya Mazamir Veil Rumba Samai Bayati Nosmoudi Khatwet Habib Nay Kebira Che Mali Wali Parisianubia Al afrah

New Sounds of the Old Pharonic

> Lots of rich deep sounds with large hints of Baladi. Bye-Bye Baladi Amara ya Amara Mawlid Nour Bint Al Baladi Aliskithbar Kawala Saaidi Leyla Elkoon Kolloh Beydoor Zikrayati Darbuka solo Zarani el Mahboub


> A little of everything here, contemporary, folk and old classical. Amay Yabol Fanoos Nine Beat Classical Adir Lana Gulf Contemp Aal nadda Maqsoum Funk Nay Itneen Ai Ai Oosa Sami Hijaz El Leyla Hilwa Nauwket Zarafat Telli Iya Heniya Er Boogie Malfuf Nay Ayoub

River n Blues

> Lots of Nay and percussion all performe in a folk and classical style. Qasukka el-Mayyas Palestine Fallahi Arghul Fini Syrian Muwashahat Clave Fogh-e-Nakhl Iraqi Sufi Desertwood Lamabada Cubana 20 beat Malfuf ect Wma Baaref Aziza {lazy} Cev Kebir Nami


> A very dance friendly CD with steady rhythm and Nay. Bayati Egyptian folk tune I Kemet Folk tune 8/4 Ya Ya Ya A'ni Maqsoum Darb Hijaz Nay Taksim Saba Daywoo Hasni Rast Samai Arghul 'Sayed Bayati Egyptian folk tune II Salamaya

The art of Bedouin

> A very bouncy affair, groovy haunting and inspiring. Bedouin #1 Henky Badawi Spirit chaser Mighty Egypt Aten the sun God The old Kingdom Sand storm North Star Pharonic Tabla set Domtaka Imhotep

The Moon Prince

> Levant inspired masterpiece... well I like it. The Village life The Midnight market The Bedouin abduction The Prince's proposal The Village girls The Calling of Spirit The Woman's awakening The Discussion The Agreement The Fighting Horses The Laments The Moon feast

My Little Hafla

> Fun time collection of up beat danceable tracks, great for a little hafla. Egyptian Reggae Rumba Sultan Silver Fallahin Aze Baladi'sco Frank Zaffa Latin Laze Silver Fallahin 2 Un-Paris Daisy pusher Gulf Xtreme Reclaim the beats


> Traditional contemporary and rare Arabic rhythms. Nubian hybrid Karachi Jerk Heavy Saaidi Samia Karachi Sombati Maqsaaidi Rhythm hybrid Shadia Shadia rhythm Jazzaar


> 4 fifteen minute tracks quite even paced, great for listening to or jigging about, moody and calming. Stone Wood Sky Flower

Snake Spell

> Very earthy sounding CD, quite folk based but with some good breakdowns of the traditional rhythms. Malfuf - Percussive Murraba Saaidi Riq Vox Luxor Nubian Omen Maqsoum Initiation Malfuf - Flowing Ancient Amiy

Basic Combinations

> The main rhythms, but this time combined togeather chopping and changing to keep you on your toes. Nay upper Egypt style Relaxed Maqsoum Fallahi Nay Impro based on Atini-An-nay Classical combination Karrachi Zaffa combination Baladi Arghul Maqsoum Masmoudi Malfuf Nubian Fallahi Saaidi Baladi Nay and classical ending Egyptian and gulf combination Fallahi and Rebab Nay taksim Baghdad, Dulcimer over an Iraqi rhythm

Basic Forms

> The main rhythms that are used in egyotian music. Maqsoum Masmoudi Saaidi #1 Vox Wahda Kebira Saaidi #2 Saaidi #3 Hindi Fallahi Khlas Zaar

Iraqi Rhythms

> This is a very traditional sounding CD from 2001 of just rhythms from Iraq using Iraqi Percussion. B'tahyi Jeenobi 1 Heecha Choobi 2 Hiwah Choobi 1 Jeenobi 2 Jurjuna Badawi Jeenobi 3 Samrii {zurna} Samaah Rouba

The Farmers Only Daughter

> French and English tunes for Dulcimer and Epinette. All of me playing on this, yet very nice if I may say so. So High William Kidd Otherside La Pernette Not a War song Maid who sold her barley Edward Geordie I forgive Medieval Break your heart French Polka 500 Miles

The Myth and the Stag

> French and English tunes for Dulcimer and Epinette. All of me playing on this, yet very nice if I may say so. Valse en Limousin Symbolotic Fred Pigeons polka Spring song Le Moissonneurs Bouree d'Auoroe sand Queen of May Temp du pan/Myth Abbot's Bromley Marcels Valse Loves damn fool En Passant la Riviere Pencarrow The vine tree An dro/Amoureuse Miss Gaytons hornpipe Stag valse

Moored in the UK

> Contemoprary and traditional folk songs sung in English, using the Citole {Medieval stringed instrument} and Dulcimer with a wonderful Arabic percussion backing, very nice. Waiting on a friend Not before The rose in June Oh Nelly Jackhammer blues Sally my dear You got me working Lonesome feeling Feels like Would'a called me Daddy It's time to go Queen of the moors

Ancient Echoes of Egypt

> French and English tunes for Dulcimer and Epinette. All of me playing on this, yet very nice if I may say so. Hopnar'din ya huptsa J'arne heter hetar Hasosra 'achen ta Paren dil'yia Ana bin sentan atori

Milly's Morris

> 21 Varied tracks but mostly English traditional, very nice, some friends helped me out on this. Milly's Morris Farewell Nancy Lady Cholmondley's waltz Stranded Wild Morris Sweet the evening air Erev Shel Shoshanim Young Collins Dales Litany Sheffield waltz All things are quite silent Take these chains All in a garden green Fiddlers green Helas Madame Someday you'll call my name Face a death L'Arquenniere The years are passing Gathering sheep Seven Virgins {Leaves of life}
My creative process:

I am influenced by what I hear, what I see and what I feel. My approach of recording may take many different steps. Sometimes I have a clear idea, a concept, be it for an album or a track. Sometimes I have no idea and allow them to come out as I layer over each track. Sometimes I acquire a new instrument and have a desire to explore the new sounds.

I admit I am no perfectionist, instead I lean towards the power or feeling of a performance rather than total accuracy; for me I think this produces a much better overall piece. I do not use a computer to tinker with the tracks, I record them on a digital hard drive recorder and mix them by hand as I see fit.

I produce on average two CDs a year, to keep costs down I design and print the covers myself, burn the CDs and slip them into a PVC sleeve.

All my Garsaaidi CDs are in some ways shaped for dancers and listeners alike.
If you would like to buy 10 or more of the same CD for your dance group or for presents then please contact me for a discount.

When you have time, browse through my work
keep an open mind and enjoy!

Thank you



I have worked in schools all over the country for over 17 years, teaching primarily Egyptian hand drumming; and in that time I have taught over 20,000 children through a variety of projects. Follow these links for some school projects I have heavily been involved with over the years. ( I also have full up to date CRB check ).

Anubis Egyptian Drum and Dance Workshop Collective

Or teachers you can contact me if you have any queries to tie in with school projects. For example Ancient Egypt, the Tudors, Africa, Middle east, music or dance

I have been teaching Arabic drumming for many years, maybe if you have an existing drumming group or corporate event you may be interested in booking myself for further development or just for fun in any area you wish.

Here are some workshop themed ideas
Basic Arabic/Egyptian drumming All levels
Darbuka All levels
Frame drum All levels
Riq {Arabic tambourine) All Levels
Classical rhythms
Baladi rhythms
Folk rhythms
Iraqi rhythms
Nubian rhythms
Working towards a performance piece.
Understanding rhythm for dancers.

Is your drumming stuck in a rut?
Maybe you want to start drumming..
Maybe you want to develop your technique or even branch out onto some of the other percussion instruments..
Either way I am sure I can help..

I can also be hired out as an accompanist for dance workshops {Raqs Sharqi, Belly Dance, Contemporary, Fusion or other} . I like to believe I have a sensitive approach to accompanying movement and dance with over 22 years experience. Often I can play my instruments on their own or if required with a backing track.


Email: garsaaidi@hotmail.com

Mobile: 07791704085